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Alex Ratman

Artist & Performer

Alex's magnetic personality shines through in his videos, drawing viewers in with his charm and spontaneous spirit. As an artist and accomplished performer in cabaret and filmmaking, Alex showcases his creativity and versatility across various mediums. Get ready to be inspired and entertained by Alex's captivating journey!

Alex Rat.jpg

"I'm an artist based in London, I love film, theatre, comedy, music, dancing and I try to incorporate all those mediums in what I do and the projects I create. I started painting some years ago as a form of therapy/meditation. I don't really have any formal training and I treat it as a spur of the moment type of practice. I would say that I like to improvise when painting and definitely looking at the process more than the result".


"I'm looking forward to hearing from you and to connecting with other creative people in London and around the world through online mediums".

-Alex Ratman

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