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To apply, please email and include up to 12 low-resolution images of your work, and/or video links, (titles and mediums included), a photo of yourself if available, and any relevant social media links, websites, and contact information you want to be shared with the public. 


Please provide as much background information about yourself as desired to help us better understand your artistic vision and journey. It could be a couple of sentences or several paragraphs. This information may be shared in part or in full with our audiences on various platforms. You can be a beginner or a seasoned professional.


Someone will be in touch shortly to discuss more details once your submission has been received. 

Please complete the contact form in the menu tab above for all other inquiries.


1. Please view the disclaimer on the home page before continuing.

2. Privacy is a priority. Only send material that you grant me and Only Rejected Works Gallery express consent for sharing, posting, and displaying on my website and all social media platforms and any other method for the purposes outlined. You must own the exclusive rights to each piece and are the sole creator. 

Thanks for submitting!

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