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Brian Nieman


Brian is a dynamic photographer and teaching artist renowned for his mastery of capturing places through the dimension of time, blending surrealism with contemporary aesthetics. With an impressive list of credentials garnered through sponsored workshops and grants from prestigious associations, Brian's work has also been showcased in multiple exhibitions.

To glimpse Brian's captivating portfolio, visit his website and reach out directly to experience the depth of his creative vision as well as his powerful message on rejection.


"For me, rejected work is less about my efforts and more about my ego.  To experience someone not feeling the same way about my work or can discount it, while comparing one person's work to another’s  is surreal.  How can we  categorize, rate and prioritize unconnected and  disparate works of art?  How can we elevate one work of art while valuing  another less.  Work that has been rejected by a gallery, a magazine or even a deficiency of ‘likes’  has no meaning , value or even an understanding of that work.  

My experience with photography is to see pieces that I feel are my best and most complex receive little acclaim while my work that I often feel is not my best and less important receives more attention and often more sales!  An artist ego is often fragile but we must understand that rejection is actually meaningless - - We are stronger than that and our practice is for us and no one else"

-Brian Nieman

"My work is most often about small things. Drawn to places and pieces overlooked, the discarded, disregarded and ignored arouse my interest in spite of what they are or more likely because of what they are. The world is inundated with spectacular answers that do not always announce them in an equally spectacular fashion. They lie waiting to be found.

A conduit for messages and conversations, real and imagined, walls are marked upon and marked over, altered by reactions, responses, loss and time. Elements of those and the layered dialogue they contain evolve... contradicting or supporting the original cypher.


Parts fade, even disappear as new marks emerge.

My current obsession is locating those messages. I feel like an archeologist at times, scanning the terrain, peering into shadows and sifting through the debris left by unknown contributors or fashioned by time. Walls in the city are the landscape of our cave paintings.

While my work is abstract, at times surrealist in nature, the origins are in documentation. I do not attempt to define the message, only direct the viewer to it."

-Brian Nieman

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