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Cecily Fogarty

Writer & Actor

Cecily is a versatile artist who embraces writing, acting, and modeling. From screen performances to runway appearances and commercials, her talent shines through. She sometimes knits and is a plant Mom. Check Cecily's social media to see her dance and connect through her poetry. Dive into her IMDb profile for her latest acting appearances. This is just a glimpse into her beautiful imagery in writing.


One day I’ll be sittin

In New York City

Haiku’s about Knitting

I look at the thread

A million stories to tell

The choices are hard


While I can change things

 it is difficult going back 


Stop People Pleasing

This art’s for me 

No one else needs to see


I forgot that I am the first person to enjoy my work


I’m so excited to enjoy it again


I write my own destiny


I can erase or cross out anything I want

  • Dwelling just led me to fall sadder


Other words can’t control me


My own microeconomics of word rules can’t hurt me if I don’t let them anymore


This art’s for me

Not for all to see

Nobody needs to hear it

Not for you to feel

Not for you to touch


Only I can taste this melody

That I’ll forget a moment after

I’ve sung it during and after a shower


I might show someone in the future

But I’m not obligated to explain it

I forgot how important it is to be selfish


I’m the first one to enjoy my work

Halloween Poem

By Cecily Fogarty


Halloween is my favorite time of year

I have nothing to fear

I won’t even need a beer


I go to express myself

Which never impresses, I return to the shelf

I put on some eyeliner

And don some dark attire


Drinking hot tea

I read til twilight

Could it be?

Everything’ll be alright?

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