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Christopher Wilson


Christopher is not just an artist, but a beacon of warmth and creativity. Despite facing health battles since childhood, Christopher's passion for art shines brighter than ever. With each brushstroke, he creates mesmerizing abstract pieces and shares a piece of his heart with the world. His studio is more than just a workspace; it's a sanctuary where his imagination runs wild, capturing moments of beauty and serving as his pathway toward healing. Christopher's tattoo work is exceptional, his talent doesn't stop there. He also does graphic art, piercings, and more. Join us in exploring Christopher's world, where art and empathy intertwine, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it.


"My names Christopher wilson 32, from New Orleans LA I’ve always been to art I think I dove deeper in to it as a child because I have epilepsy so most of the time I would get sick I could b in bed for a few days because of headache and body aches after having a seizure so it was a way to take my mind off everything kinda like meditation and I love abstract I think because when I actually have seizure I see lots of different colors I’ve I do tattoos paint photo build sculptures Shid I jus love art to b honest"

-Christopher Wilson

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