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Corporal Moon


Corporal Moon is a groundbreaking artist whose canvas and mural creations defy convention. Her work immerses you in a dreamlike state where colors burst and emotions soar. Pushing the limits of her artistry, she aspires to create even grander works that captivate and inspire. Embracing a variety of materials, from cardboard to paint and adhesives, she constructs vibrant narratives that transcend traditional boundaries. Her murals and mixed media creations challenge expectations, inviting audiences to explore the extraordinary. Corporal Moon is poised to revolutionize the mural scene with her bold vision and boundless creativity

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"The entrance to my lovely creative life was chosen from the beginning of middle school. I was at recess while I saw my friend drawing a wolfe with a pencil. I thought it was so cool! So, I asked her to teach me how to draw. I later discovered, I wasn't the best at drawing, yet I was more lingered to paint. As I continued to paint, my skills grew on a larger scale by year. While being so young at the time, I had to wait to receive new materials every so often so I could express my creativity. 

Once I entered high school and made friends. I would paint them surrealistic art to appreciate our friendship and/or make them a candle! I would come up with different ways to be more creative like designing different types of candles and envelopes. Soon then the COVID - 19 pandemic arrived, I was painting all day and all night. I would go to bed at 8am and wake up at 6pm or later each day because I was so motivated and so happy to paint! I designed my first ever optical illusion with drips heading towards the center. It looked really cool with my LED lights flashing with multiple colors! That was one of my proudest moments. I started to like the optical illusion creative route so I figured out a way to include that with mixed media. The way it turned out was AWESOME!! I came up with everything in my head and just went as I go! I could always fix something if I messed up. Mod podge is the most convenient source to all of my projects. I use it all the time. 

Growing older now, I would love to be a muralist. Having my art on a huge building would be happy tears! I work with cardboard, plaster, acrylic, watercolor, ceramics, wire, and more! 

I have a cool little art studio in my basement where all the magic happens!! "

-Corporal Moon

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