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Dzidzia Wilk


Dzidzia Wilk was born in 1988 in a small town called Mettmann, near Dusseldorf in
Germany. Dzidzia’s Polish roots explain her name; Dzidzia means baby in Polish.
Now living and working in the East London art scene, Dzidzia finds herself between the
cultural influences of Germany and London. Following study at art school, Dzidzia went on

to study Art Psychology at Dusseldorf University.

Dzidzia subsequently utilised her education to aide children at a primary school who were
struggling with emotional and social issues for state supportive services. Currently she is
working full time as a contemporary artist whose style is a mix between of abstract

figurative, expressionism and naïve art.

Dzidzia’s colourful vibrant pieces bring joy harmony and pleasant feelings to people’s homes
creating a platform to discuss deeper, spiritual and psychological emotional topics.
She intuitively uses shapes, swinging brush strokes, symbols and bright colours to create and

abstract a fantasised and a lightened reality.
...Her favourite colour is

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