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Hannah Bush


Discover the visionary artistry of Hannah Bush, the mastermind behind House of Hanarty. With decades of experience in graphic design and photography, Hannah has garnered accolades as both an influencer and a published artist. Her portfolio boasts creative endeavors, from collaborating with music agencies to shaping exhibitions and events. Hannah's work has graced the pages of top magazines and left its mark on prestigious events like London Fashion Week. This captivating digital masterpiece of a bumble bee is a true testament to Hannah's unrivaled talent. Despite being rejected elsewhere, we're thrilled to share it with you, showcasing Hannah's incredible artistic vision.

Hey my name is Hannah aka Hanarty-designs - Hanarty Images.

I have been a graphic designer/ Artist for around 20 + years as well as a Photographer in the industry. I started out with Art young and it was really the only thing I enjoyed as my school never really encouraged you much. I sort of honed my skills as I was 16 went onto college at Kiad I then went Onto further my Education and do a degree in Graphic design. Over the past 20 years have worked on absolutely everything whether its music design for Pendulum Knife party campaign and Annie macs promotion down to designing signs all over the country. I then had a family and plucked up the courage to go freelance 2 years ago setting up Hanarty-designs and also doing the Photography moving from weddings to Events. I have worked on Fashion week as a photographer and a digital artist. I Also was up for content creator for the UK Fetish Awards and up for Top Influential digital artist for UK Top Influencer. I have worked with a variety of creatives over the Past few years and have raised around 86 k for a variety of Charities donating Art and helping with Photography. I am pretty proud of what i have achieved so far and Appreciate being Published world wide. I have an Urban style to my Art and have been compared to some fantastic artists in the Urban modern Art Industry . 

-Hannah Bush

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