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Jackie Devine


Discover the captivating artwork of gifted artist, Jackie Devine. Her acrylic paint with ink creations blend vibrant colors with captivating movement. Each stroke on the canvas reveals a tale waiting to be unraveled, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the experience of interpretation. With Jackie's upcoming art exhibits on the horizon, now is the time to secure a piece of this meaningful collection from an artist who gives beyond measure.


Acrylic & Ink

36x24 Inches



Acrylic & Ink

36x24 Inches


"I'm a transfeminine emerging Australian Artist from Byron Bay in the Bundjalung area, untrained and started painting last year in August , I have a large collection of rejected work, often labled as "unprofitable" by galleries as I do not charge anything for my art, despite the pushback I have been building a reputation in my local art community, and starting to get some traction, I will be hopefully be doing a total of 7 Exhibitions this year, most I have funded myself just to have the opportunity to share my work with people, this has been a heavy financial burden, but I want to promote inclusion and the message "art is for the people, not the collectors" and should be free from commercial gain."

-Jackie Devine, Artist

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