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James Kail

Multi-Media Assemblage Artist

Discover the captivating world of artist, James Kail, known for his innovative assemblage of nature in a truly unique way. Seamlessly blending contemporary paintings with elements of the natural world, his works ignite the imagination of viewers and creators alike.

Each piece is a testament to his creativity and vision, inviting you to delve deeper into the intricate layers of his artistry.


"Untitled (The Scent of Water 2024)"

70 cm by 30 cm

"Untitled (The Scent of Water 2024)"

A4 size on plaster board

"Untitled (The Scent of Water 2024)"

150 cm by 30cm

Hi, I’m James, a multi-media assemblage artist from Guernsey, Chanel Islands. I mostly work within realms of collage and assemblage, using found materials and objects both sculpturally and poetically. I tend to work within themes of memory, ideas of remembrance in mourning and forgetting, nature's decay, and throw-away culture. I idealize the great artist Robert Rauschenberg from his profound medium range and language through material, I also take inspiration from various ethics including the Japanese Wabi-Sabi Philosophy, embedding love for imperfection and decay.

-James Kail

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