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Mark Curbishley


Mark Curbishley's artwork is not just distinctive but also deeply heartfelt, capturing the essence of life in people and beloved animals with every brushstroke. Given his remarkable skill level, it's astonishing to think he's been painting for just two years.

While Mark has gained recognition through commissions, the unveiling of pieces that have never seen a gallery or showcase is what sets this display apart. It's a rare privilege for our gallery to have the opportunity to share these paintings with you.


"Hi all, I am Mark and I've been painting for 2 years following a pottery painting class. It was bought for me and my fianceeas a gag gift and our friend didn't think I'd like it much. What it really did was reinvigorate my passion for art and I haven't looked back since. My work gets better and better with each and every piece I do as I learn and grow as an artist"

-Mark Curbishley

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