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Susan Detroy

Multi-Disciplinary Artist 

Susan Detroy is a visual storyteller producing art in ten series, including alternative and digital photography, transfer prints, paintings, and video. Susan developed her visual language in childhood avidly viewing magazine photographs and movies which continue to influence her creations. Ms. Detroy worked as an analogue print and portrait photographer from the early 80’s into the late 90’s. While forging careers in art curation and gallery management, Susan developed unique transfer print artworks using alternative photo techniques. While exhibiting in the US and Europe Ms. Detroy mastered digital camera-phone and iPad, enhancing her moving and still imagery. In 2015 responding to internalized messages about aging, Susan initiated her “Portrait of a Woman” self portrait project. During the pandemic without the possibility of showing analogue art, Susan amplified her skills in digital media, building the 40-minute commissioned documentary “In The Now” and laid the ground work for several of the “The Corona Diaries,” meditative films about biking and florals. Having used biking as a coping tool during lockdown Susan often using joyful cycling as one of her themes. Embracing AI Ms. Detroy expanded her self portrait project with “Planetary Sisters” which utilize Susan’s face and aging AI women and are now emerging as part of her deep artist production. The “Sisters” are shown as moving images and films. Ms. Detroy combines her life experience with natural and cosmic elements leading viewers on intriguing visual journeys. Susan brings a feminist, woman-affirming perspective to her inventive and intriguing artworks portraying earth and self love.

"Hermana Planetaria"
"Corona Diaries: Flower"

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