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GGOI is a dynamic multi-disciplinary artist who seamlessly blends canvas art, collage, earthenware jewelry, metals, and more. With a passion for activism reflected in her clothing designs, she carries her emotions in a bag, even adorning it with her unique art. Embracing spontaneity and messiness in her work, she loves the thrill of seeing where each piece will take her. GGOI is ready to welcome new experiences, connections, and adventures in the world of art. 

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"My name is GGOI, I am a multidisciplinary artist from Michigan who creates art for those who want to feel dope and inspired. I work with jewelry/metalsmithing, ceramics, painting with acrylic, and dabble here and there into fashion and collage pieces.  Feeling dope and inspired is important to me because it represents happiness in multiple forms. It is something that is limitless and has the fluidity to change and evolve into new and deeper meanings over time. 


Themes my work is surrounded by are inspiration from positive or negative life experiences, expressing human emotion, and self-growth"


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