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Pybus is a multi-disciplinary artist.

Each piece is meticulously crafted, using a variety of materials, some of which are reclaimed from discarded items. 

Among Pybus's diverse body of work lies a portfolio of mesmerizing photography. Each image tells a story, laden with mystery.

Through their artworks, Pybus offers a unique perspective on mental health issues, inviting viewers to confront these complex topics with empathy and understanding.

Hailing from the industrial north of England, I used to know the soul-crushing routine all too well. Factory life, with its rules and relentless shifts, blurred reality into a dreary dreamscape. I was just a number, lost in the machinery. But a deep yearning bloomed - a desperate need to break free, to feel truly alive. Paychecks couldn't fill the void, and couldn't replace the purpose I craved. So, I shed my old life and embraced a new identity. All my Artworks Explore Mental health difficulties and Memory loss.



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